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Advantages of Tree Removal and Trimming During Winter

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It’s a common belief among many that tree removal shouldn’t be done during winter months. Or that no tree removal company operates during winter. But contrary to these beliefs, it is actually good that tree removal takes place during this season. Pruning is also best done during winter, especially for fruit-bearing trees.

Winter is the period when the trees and shrubs become dormant and will go to a resting stage. Leaves and twigs will fall off. Why is it beneficial then to remove or trim trees during winter? Read on to find out.

1. Assessment is simpler

When all the leaves or twigs have fallen off, professionals can clearly see and assess the structure of a tree. It will be easier for them to tell which branch or part of the tree is dangerous, diseased or already dead. This makes tree removal or trimming uncomplicated.

2. Lesser possibility of a disease to spread

The winter season means that pesky insects, bugs, fungi, bacteria, parasites and all other living things not good for plant life are non-existent. This is highly advantageous because when you remove or trim/prune a tree or shrub, they will less likely to get diseases like wilting, fire blight, Dutch elm disease, etc. Instead, they will be preserved for their own good. The winter cold will also prevent trees to overproduce sap when they are being trimmed or removed.

3. Prevents damage

Winter can mean heavy snow or extremely low temperatures. If there are trees in your area that are dying, diseased, or already dead, they can be highly dangerous. Having them removed will guarantee safety in your area. On top of that, trimmed branches will get stronger and healthier as well. The ground freezes during winter. This will allow tree removal works to be less damaging to your lawn

4. Assures the appearance before spring

If a tree is removed during winter, the ground will recover more quickly. The same goes if a tree is pruned. Its branches will get restored before springtime comes. When it does, the new growth will look lovelier than ever.

5. Maximize fruit production

Fruit trees are best trimmed during winter. This will maximize fruit production for the fruit-bearing trees. Make sure they have been pruned before flowers or buds start to appear. Doing so will guarantee that the branches will have enough strength to hold the fruits.

Winter can be beneficial for shrubs and trees especially fruit-bearing ones. But If you live in a region where the climate is almost always hot if not warm, tree removal or trimming is important all the same. Trees don’t choose a specific time when to grow and branch out. Whatever the season is, trimming or removing them for the right reasons is crucial. A damaged, dying, or already dead tree will no longer serve its purpose and can actually be dangerous to have around. An unpruned tree is no better if its branches are left uncared for. If you need professional tree removal San Diego, contact tree removal San Diego to get assistance.

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