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How to Maintain Your Home’s Painted Stucco?

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Similar to any other paint, stucco paint erodes and fades away because of aging and weathering. Without the right paint maintenance, stucco will turn out to be more susceptible to water seepage, which is a common cause of extensive damage to structures. Hence, you really need to make sure that your exterior stucco is in good condition. You can keep exterior stucco into its best state and prevent costly repairs by simply adhering to the following tips listed below: 

Check for paint peeling, bubbling and cracking 

Paint that’s freshly applied could peel, bubble, and crack within days. Being attentive to all painted surface for about two weeks after a paint job has been finished and then inspecting exterior walls for defects twice every year is crucial to spot early paint failure and apply corrective measures promptly.   

Check exterior walls under various weather conditions 

Even though stucco paint could last for several years, doing regular checking in cold and hot weather would enable you to spot unforeseen issues. Since contract and expand according to temperature changes, a superficial and small crack that can be seen on a hot day may indicate a deep and wider crack when checking the surface during colder weather.  

 Fix holes and cracks 

While minor cracking in paint and stucco may happen due to thermal contraction and expansion during seasonal variations of temperature, holes are usually due to direct impact. To fill holes and cracks, utilize a paintable and a high-quality waterproof caulk. Also, you can use elastomeric paint, which is thick enough to conceal minimal and fine cracks.  

Stop stucco paint failure 

To avoid early paint failure, painters should use the appropriate painting techniques and follow the recommendations of the paint manufacturer about relative humidity and temperature ranges. As a general rule, paint must not be applied to dirty, damp, and hot surfaces, or during windy, humid, dry, cold, and/or hot weather.  

Select the right product 

Whereas stucco is more susceptible to moisture and water absorption compared to other wall finishes, choosing a good-quality waterproofing paint and primer is crucial to prolong the life of your exterior walls. Acrylic latex paint does best on stucco, providing superior color retention and excellent coverage.  

Wash your walls 

To avoid dirt and dust buildup, you need to wash the exterior of your home for at least two times a year. Fan-type sprayers have been particularly made to enable property owners to wash stucco without any deterioration risk. Commercial cleaning solutions, mild detergent, scrub brushes, and warm water can be utilized to eliminate persistent stains and dirt from exterior stucco.  

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